gastroscopeThe gastroscope is essential for diagnosing stomach diseases, ulcers, tumors, infections, and obstructions. It also is valuable in observing esophageal diseases such as recurrent choke, and swallowing problems. No blood test can determine if your horse has ulcers, the only way to evaluate ulcers is through gastroscopy.

A light sedative is used to facilitate the procedure. The horse must fast for 12 hours prior to the procedure so that food does not obstruct any of the surfaces. Most horses tolerate the procedure well. The information acquired leads to diagnosis and direct therapy of the horse’s ailment.

The case in the picture was diagnosed with the aid of the 3 M Olympus gastroscope. Once diagnosed, the horse’s treatment consisted of:

  • Gastric ulcer medication for 6 weeks
  • Diet modifications
  • Environmental changes.

After a course of treatment, it is ideal to repeat the gastroscopy to evaluate the stomach for healing.